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Evaluate Your Home for Free

While the internet has been a great resource for home sellers, there is a tremendous amount of inaccurate information on the internet in regard to real estate, especially concerning home values!  While some of it comes from inaccurate court tax records, other value estimates on the internet come from gathering listing price data.  Technology has come a long way from when I first started real estate in 1978, but no technology can properly evaluate all of the unique aspects of a home like a seasoned Realtor can. It’s not an accurate value until a buyer and seller agree on a number, so listing numbers on many websites are just a guess.

I am very experienced in the Tampa Bay area markets and I can give you the best valuation estimate through actual sales data in the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service). When you contact me for a free home evaluation, I will:

  • Develop a recent market sale and listing report of comparable homes to yours in your neighborhood.
  • Review that report with you along with details of the homes, as well as the prices at which they were listed and finally sold.
  • Give you my professional analysis of the current market for homes like yours, near yours, and in your home’s price range.


Know the Market

I want to equip my sellers with every advantage possible in listing and selling their property! This includes access to view all properties listed in the real estate MLS® through my personalized search page. You will be able to view and search listings for all MLS® participating real estate brokerages, allowing you to watch the market daily.  So, if you want to see new, competing listings coming onto the market and the ones that may post pricing reductions, you will have the power right at your fingertips!

To assist you in efficiently evaluating, marketing and selling your home, I will create a custom search for you and initiate your participation in the email alert system. You will then receive automated email alerts of new matching listings and price reductions. It’s simple, automatic, and you will be notified first about the fluctuating market every day without having to research yourself!


How I will Market Your Home

725. That is the number of websites that your home will be featured on when you work with Renee Gialousis.

I work with Coldwell Banker and spend significant resources, time and effort in syndication of your listing information to hundreds of real estate websites much larger and more heavily visited than any local real estate websites. I have systems in place to have your listing on more than 725 websites, which include Realtor.com, Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia, ColdwellBanker.com, ColdwellBankerHomes.com, and hundreds of others, within days of your listing going live.

Every one of those websites that I advertise your listing on will have links back to the original and complete listing on my website. This allows me to ensure every visitor of your listing worldwide is seeing consistent listing content.

I will ensure the capture of professional quality photos of your entire home. These photos are then used to showcase your property in both internet as well as print marketing. Studies a\have proven that homebuyers value high-quality images more than any other feature of real estate listings.  This is why it is such a crucial step, and should not be a task for inferior technology, such as a smartphone.

  • Your property will have a virtual tour created for it as well as a YouTube video of the tour. Some properties will be better suited for still photograph marketing, others with a slide show of still photos, and some with a video as well as a voice–over. I will consult and work with my marketing team to produce the very best marketing approach for your property.
  • I produce unique, detailed and thoughtful written descriptions for each of my listings and very thorough MLS® information fields to not only optimize your property for search results but also paint a picture of the possibilities of your property to the prospective buyer.
  • When potential buyers come to my site, I offer showings and other special information about the market and your property in exchange for their contact information.   By getting into direct contact with potential buyers, I increase the chances of selling your property to them.


Serving Sellers

 I’ve worked with hundreds of sellers in the past and much of my new business comes from those same sellers. I believe this is because they enjoyed the service that I brought to them and want their friends and family to experience it as well. I realize that the value I bring to a seller is making a very complicated process as easy and smooth as possible.


            Property Analysis

One service that I believe is extremely important in the Tampa Bay real estate markets is helping listing clients to objectively evaluate their homes for marketability. Some brokerages do a once–over to get the information to put into the various information fields in the MLS®, Multiple Listing Service. However, I go much more into the detail of the features, characteristics and condition of your home.


Every buyer who sees your home will be comparing it to the competition in your area and price range. How your home compares is critical to how soon you sell it and at what price. I am going to work with you in several areas of concern:

  • Interior features & characteristics – While the number of bedrooms and baths are not something you’ll be changing to compete better with other homes, you do need to objectively compare them in order to end up with a listing price that will get your property sold. Some things we can consider for improvements, others we just need to know how your home compares to other homes buyers will be seeing. Other features/characteristics:
    • Floor plan
    • Built date and obsolescence
    • Floors & walls condition, paint, etc.
    • Kitchen features
    • Room sizes
    • Lighting, skylights, windows
  • Exterior – That “curb appeal” thing really does mean something. When a prospective buyer first drives up in front of your home, they’re going to get a first impression that is very important. I help you to look at things like landscaping, exterior paint and condition. Here is an area in which small expenditures can yield big results. It’s a fact that some buyers will ask to leave without ever stepping across the threshold if they get a bad first curb appeal impression.
  • Condition – Minor repairs can also make a major difference. Many buyers assume that a need for minor repairs indicates a general lack of fundamental maintenance over time. They’ll discount their offer, if they make one, thinking they’ll have a lot of work to do to bring the home to a good condition. So, I am honest with you about things that we see and buyers will see and consider in their evaluation. From windows to walls, I’ll let you know what I believe is important and make suggestions.

I am here to make sure that your home enters the market in the very best competitive position possible. A thorough and objective evaluation is an important step.


Pre-Listing Preparation

I specialize in selling homes in the Tampa Bay area.  As a Coldwell Banker agent, I utilize my local knowledge with global connections.  I am excited to begin this process with you and I have organized my pre-listing procedure to make this as efficient as possible!

As you prepare for my arrival place please have these items copied and available:

  • Survey
  • Community Deed Restrictions
  • Homeowners Association dues payments
  • Any Maintenance fee payments
  • Homeowners insurance and flood insurance if applicable
  • All your utility bills for the past two months

I look forward to our meeting and assisting you with your real estate goals. 


Strategic Listing Pricing 

What would an upward or lower price adjustment look like based on the current market CMA?  Well, let’s look at an example.  Let’s say that the CMA of previously and recently sold similar homes shows that the listing price should be around $235,000.  However, those sales were between one month and three months old.  Our current market listing CMA shows that similar homes in the neighborhood are listed at $249,000 or thereabouts.  We and you may decide that the market is improving and justifies raising the listing price of your home to $245,000 so that it’s still competitive but a better deal for you.  Of course, this can work the other way as well.

A proper list price that reflects current and realistic market conditions is critical to getting your property sold quickly. I don’t want you to under–price, but it’s worse to over–price in any market. Buyers discount value by DOM, Days On Market. The longer a home stays on the market, the greater they’ll discount their offers. So, a realistic list price is how we make sure your property sells without languishing on the market.

How do I come up with a suggested list price that reflects your home’s competitive position? It’s a combination of services and experience, and I am going to be very careful and detailed in my analysis and market evaluations to make sure that you don’t leave money on the table or sit around wondering why you aren’t getting offers.

 My evaluation of how your property compares to the current competition is the first step. Then I may suggest some worthwhile corrections you can make to improve that position. Once I know what your home will look like when listed, I’ll go into our thorough CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, process.

CMA of Sold Properties 
First I select comparable properties out of those sold recently and in the neighborhood or nearby. These “comparables” or “comps” are selected based on similarity in features, location and characteristics with your home. They must have been sold as recently as possible so the sold prices are of maximum value.

I then perform a detailed “adjustment” process to adjust their sold prices for any differences with your property. If a home has one more bedroom than yours, I would adjust that property’s sold price downward for the value of one bedroom to make the comparison “apples to apples.” I make adjustments for garages, bathrooms and other major features to bring our comps to closely compare with your home. Then I use those sold prices to arrive at a preliminary listing price for your home.

I say “preliminary” because we have another CMA step.

CMA of Current Listings 
Now I get more comps, but instead they’re properties currently listed and your competition. I go through the same adjustment process, and I come up with another, possibly higher or lower, price suggestion for your home. This second CMA gives us more up–to–date information about the market which could cause us to lower or raise our preliminary list price to adjust to the current market. Using the two CMA results and an experienced analysis of your home’s position in the marketplace, we can set a listing price that will get the job done.


Staying Updated on the Market

Do you know how many comparable properties to your home came on the market this week? How about how many were sold or taken off the market? Markets are constantly changing, and I monitor these changes and keep my listing clients informed. Changes in the competition don’t always require a price adjustment, but they may. Sometimes they just cause me to make changes in my marketing approach, putting emphasis on features that are no longer available in currently listed comps.

Whether I am suggesting a price adjustment up or down or not, I am always concerned with my clients’ peace of mind that their property is properly priced and positioned in the market. Use the form on this page to tell me about your property and I’ll conduct a preliminary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for you with recently sold comps in your area. I will need more data to do the best job, but you can begin to see how the process works.


Price Negotiating

All buyers want to pay as little as possible for the home they purchase. Buyers in slower markets are definitely looking to score a bargain. I combine services to my sellers that include marketing to improve the competitive position of their homes, and then to assist them in countering low offers and buyer resistance to fair pricing. 

Part of this process begins with the Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs) and the price at which I suggest that you list your home. Starting at the right price for the market with a little room for negotiation combines market specifics with buyer human nature factors.  I am an expert in negotiation because I do it every day. I am on your side, and I will get a combination of the best price and contingencies resolutions for your home.

Many sellers are intimidated when there are distressed properties for sale in the area or foreclosures putting downward pressure on prices. However, generally there is a 20% to 30% difference in selling prices between those homes and seller-occupied homes in good condition. You see, those distressed properties are usually in poor-to-terrible condition. In many cases, they will not even qualify for a mortgage without extensive modifications and repairs, and that’s not going to be possible for most buyers.

So, the first thing to remember is that you’re selling a “ready to move in” property, and this commands a higher price. The more “ready to move in” it appears to the buyer on that first walk-through, the better the price you’re going to get. So, we’ll make some suggestions as to landscaping, curb appeal, outdoor and indoor improvements, and possibly even “staging.” Staging is the process of moving, adding to or taking away from furnishings in the home to make it seem more spacious and to allow potential buyers to view it as “their home” in the future.

Consider the possibility of post-inspection repair requirements by the buyer(s) as well. The time to think about this is from the first offer, as you don’t want to negotiate a purchase price that leaves you little or no room for possible repairs or condition corrections. This single item is the cause for the vast majority of deal failures after a successful initial price negotiation.

Some negotiations are short and sweet, while others can involve multiple counter offers with terms and conditions related not only to price, but also related to closing costs, items included in the sale, partial owner financing and more. I work with my sellers to know their needs and to tailor the negotiation to those requirements to get the best deal for them.


Negotiating Home Inspection and Repairs

While my sellers tend to become less stressed as soon as all of the purchase contract signatures are in place, I am with them and ready for the next negotiation phase. Property inspections can frequently result in buyer requirements for corrections by the seller. Whether you’re prepared for these or they come as a surprise, I am here to help you to deal with them, as repair disputes are the most frequent reason for contract failures before closing.

I will help you avoid too many “surprises” related to condition and repair negotiations after inspections. I will do my best to give you information about what I see that buyers may want corrected, but there are definitely things that no one can anticipate until the inspectors have submitted their reports. So, there’s one other thing I try to do in order to prepare you and leave some negotiation room for you 

I want you to always be thinking ahead to inspections and repair demands from the first offer. Always be thinking of what may be coming in the way of inspections and repair negotiations, especially when the initial purchase contract price negotiations are in play. No matter how urgent your need to sell, if you go too far in price concessions at the beginning, you may have no room left when inspections are done and condition corrections are requested by the buyer. 

As the buyer is normally paying for and ordering inspections, our job for our sellers is to make sure that they happen on time and that we receive the inspection reports by deadline due dates. We then meet with our sellers and go over the reports and any buyer objections/requirements to develop a counter strategy. If there are no objections or they’re minor in nature and cost, you may opt to agree to corrections. However, if they’re more extensive and were not anticipated, our job is to help you to reply in a way that saves you money and keeps the buyer in the transaction.

Depending on the desires of the buyer and their selection of inspectors, there could be as few as a single inspector hired to do a thorough inspection of the home and all equipment supporting the home.  However, there may also be other inspectors hired with a more focused goal, possibly a heating and air conditioning contractor, a well inspector, septic inspector, etc.  Each of these inspections will have deadlines for completion and submission of reports and buyer requests for corrections.

I have my own list of inspectors and contractors, and can call in experts to provide cost estimates and help my sellers to make decisions within the deadline times. Unless you have multiple offers, a buyer in the hand is worth something. Our job is to get them to the closing table and your satisfaction with your net proceeds from the sale.


From Contract to Closing

My seller clients really appreciate my services in listing, marketing and getting a buyer signed for a purchase contract. After the contract is signed there are more than 50 tasks and deadline deliveries on a normal residential seller side real estate transaction checklist.  I take my responsibilities seriously in the processing of all documents and meeting of all deadlines.

The process of taking a signed purchase contract through to closing involves a great many details, deliveries and document submissions. I coordinate all of this for my sellers, making sure that all phases of the closing process move along smoothly.

  • Title – I work closely with the title company and attorneys to make sure that all documents and deliveries are processed in a timely manner. I work with my sellers to examine all of their title and recorded documents to uncover all material defects and items of importance. Though this is normally of more concern to the buyer, sellers must respond to their objections, so it’s important to know what’s in all recorded documents. Example:  while there are normally few items in a title binder that can be corrected as they’re recorded and pass with the property, sometimes there are requirements or exceptions that weren’t expected but must be addressed.  With the more careful lending environment, more “quit-claim” deeds are being required as one example.  Perhaps you have a previous divorce and the lender wants better protection against claims and will require a quit-claim deed from your former spouse.
  • Inspections, Survey & Appraisal – I coordinate access for inspectors and the appraiser and deliver reports as well as deliver any objections or correction requirements from the buyers. I take this job seriously and will be with my sellers every step of the way. Every instance of delivery of an inspection and/or buyer objections requires a response in most cases, and there are deadlines.  I stay on top of these deadlines, make sure reports are delivered to you on time or extensions are put into place and that you respond within required time lines.  Failure to do so could obligate you to repairs or other corrections or kill the deal.
  • Repair Negotiations – If the buyer submits requirements for corrective actions to items on reports, I work with my sellers to determine the cost of those requirements and the appropriate response necessary to keep the deal going in a way beneficial to my seller clients. Should you agree to make certain repairs, there will be deadlines associated with completion, and possibly requirements for the buyer’s inspector to return and re-inspect for completion and repair quality.  I keep all of this on track for you, and can recommend contractors I know do quality work at fair prices.
  • Lender Document Coordination – One of the leading causes of delayed closings is some problem with funding due to lender last minute requirements or other document demands. I am monitoring all document flows to make sure this doesn’t happen for my sellers. As the seller, you aren’t getting a mortgage, but you need to be very concerned with the buyer’s ability to do so and their lender’s process and ability to meet deadlines and fund at closing.  Mortgage problems ruin a lot of deals, so I am going to be involved in the buyer’s process to protect you, my seller client.

Fill in the form HERE or call me directly at (727)234-3353 to learn more about my selling strategy.